For all of you who watched the first episode of Downton Abbey, Season 6, what are your thoughts so far on the fashion?  It’s 1925 in the lives of our favorite characters, so they literally are in the middle of the ‘roaring ’20s.’  Many things come to mind when the subject of 1920s fashion arises, such as “flapper,”  the “Charleston,” and the “cloche hat.”  However, as we see in Downton Abbey, fashion also depends on the personalities of the characters as well as the roles the characters play.  Is it me, or did Mrs. Hughes and Anna lighten their hair or are they, at least, wearing lighter-colored wigs?  They may not be sporting a “bob” hairdo like Lady Mary, but we see changes below stairs just the same.  And, what of the Dowager Countess?  She’s moved forward, too, although not in the same way her daughter-in-law and granddaughters have.

Jean-Patou-1925-silk-gold1925 Jean Patou dress


In terms of progress, I found it interesting that Lord Grantham asked his daughter, Lady Mary, why she would ride astride her horse vs. riding sidesaddle, when he thought the latter more elegant.  Mary replied, “…and more dangerous.”  Unfortunately, she fell off the horse anyway!  I did, however, enjoy the bright red riding jackets on the men.  Although many of us may pay more rapt attention to the clothing of the upstairs women, I do enjoy the elegance of the menswear during this period.  If only men of today would even consider dressing half as well as did the men of the 1920s.


Downton men's hunting

I do miss Lady Sybil and Cousin Rose, as I know that their fashion during this season would be intriguing to follow.  Remember Lady Sybil’s Poiret (or Poiret-inspired) ensemble from Season 1?Lady Sybil

Need I say more?  We’ll just have to stay tuned each week to be delighted with the beautiful costumes, sets, and music of Downton Abbey, because we only have 7 episodes remaining…  so SAD!!!


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